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About Nortoka

For a business with no listed products or assets (currently) we actually have a lot of history. This is because the concepts, games, ambition, and inspiration for Nortoka started twenty years ago. It began as a desire to do something that no longer has need of being done -- the desire to make a video game console that was better than what was currently on offer. I was only an eleven year old girl, though. That didn't stop my ambition, however. I decided I would make a business. It would be a business that took advantage of sharp insight into what the game industry was missing. But what to call it? I decided to read the dictionary for inspiration. Yes, I'm serious. The dictionary. I didn't have to get very far, however. I soon ran into a word that I had never heard of before. It was called "acumen". The definition of "acumen" is "keeness of insight". This seemed to work perfectly for me (I was a pretty arrogant, cocky little girl...). I modified the name a little, wrote it backwards, and the resulting name was Nortoka. What's that? Nortoka doesn't sound remotely like "acumen" when written backwards? Yeah... I've noticed that as well.

Ambiguous business names aside, this name origin is completely true. It represents the ultimate goal of Nortoka. Our primary goal is fun. Our close secondary goal is innovation. We believe that innovation is important for market evolution and competition. We realise, however, that no amount of innovation will make up for a game that isn't fun. Fun means that the gameplay is fresh and rewarding. Fun means that the consumer doesn't feel cheated by the product. Fun means that people will want to continue playing and to share it with their friends.

Fun is fun. We love fun. Do you?

Julia Grant

Julia is the creator and CEO of Nortoka LLC. She was born in May of 1986 in Austin, TX. She was born to a family of gingers and is, of course, a ginger herself with bright, strawberry blonde hair and a light sprinkling of freckles. She first set out to launch Nortoka when she was no more than a tween! She created the Nortoka logo that you see on this site when she was 12 years old.

Julia is no longer 12 years old, however. She is currently a stunningly attractive 31 year old woman! Don't let her good looks fool you, though. She's actually really smart as well! The Law of Women holds true, however: she's batshit insane. Fortunately, this can be advantageous for handling the chaos of running an indie VR game company. Unfortunately, it slowly drives her poor wife, Candice, utterly insane along with her.

In her free time, Julia enjoys a colourful and diverse set of hobbies! She enjoys playing video games, playing VR games, chatting online with friends, collecting Happy Hardcore vinyl, playing video games, and playing video games. Her favourite game genres are adventure games (Cyanworld games are her favourite) and RPGs of all kinds. Her favourite music genres are Happy Hardcore, Freeform Hardcore, Psytrance, and Future Funk.

Candice Voets

I am a cow. Moo. Also a puppy. Bark. Don't ask how I work Blender with paws -- it's not easy!!