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Minihack thread

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:44 am
by DevEd
Share your minihacks here.

To kick off this thread, you know the Combine Ring from Chaotix? The one where it makes it so when you take damage you drop one big ring which explodes into smaller rings if you don't collect it fast enough? Here it is in Sonic 1.

The first ring monitor in GHZ Act 1 has been replaced with the new Combine Ring monitor (which replaces the Eggman monitor). It's pretty much fully functional, with the only issue being that if you have over 100 rings when you collect the Combine Ring and then collect more rings, you'll get another life.

Originally I was going to have it be animated, but I ran out of VRAM space. I could have used DPLCs, but I have no idea how they work. Figuring out how to get the standard PLC system to cooperate with the new art was hard enough...

BTW For added fun, enable debug mode and you can place the Combine Ring object without collecting any rings for a shitload of rings :mrgreen:


Re: Minihack thread

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:42 am
by Unlimited Trees
The long lost download to Sonic 2 But With More Level Design, brought back thanks to Misinko. ...

Enjoy, or don't, considering this hack is pretty bad. Oh how far I've come from only 6 months ago. And to think I actually win the Lava Reef trophy in this year's contest.

Edit: video because we apparently need to show a screenshot/video of a mini hack:

Re: Minihack thread

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:15 am
by Unlimited Trees
Considering that SSRG is down, and I'm down to 2 posts left at Retro (I have no chance there anyways so I'm just gonna save my last posts there) this is the only place I can put this. Oh well, I need to use my posts anyways. We need to be more alive.

Remember that shitty Sonic 2 hack I did for the hacking contest which I did the stupid mistake of putting in Team Overload? Well I'm sorta bringing it back. But this time it was moved to Sonic 1.... Despite still being called Labyrinth 2.

So blah blah it's a puzzle game with Sonic Labyrinth controls (minus a few things). I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with this. It's an unfinished, one act mess, with broken spin dash (because I was too lazy to finish it). I haven't touched it in weeks, and I still haven't gotten music for it yet so it's Green Hill again. Hell the Green Hill title card is still there. I'm not sure if I will continue work on this again, hell I don't think I can continue working on any of my hacks anymore. I've just not been feeling motivated to work on anything anymore, so have this broken unfinished mess which proves I still suck as hacking. ... 1built.bin


Screenshot because Seal will kick my ass if I don't do it I guess.